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Product Design



Step 1 :Empathise

The first step in this project involved building a user persona through extensive user research. This involved conducting surveys, interviews, and observing user behavior to gather insights about their needs, pain points, and preferences. The persona helped us gain a deeper understanding of our users and their goals, which helped guide the rest of the project.

Step 2 : Define

The next step was to conduct a competitor analysis and benchmarking to identify key findings that could inform our design decisions. We analyzed the strengths and weaknesses of similar products in the market and identified gaps in the market that Cuvette could fill. This step also helped us understand the target audience's preferences and expectations, which further helped refine our design strategy.

Step 3 : Ideate

In this phase, we created user flows and wireframes that captured our ideas for the product's layout and functionality. We brainstormed and iterated on several concepts until we found the best solution that aligned with our user research and business goals. We also conducted usability tests to ensure that the design was intuitive and met the users' needs.

Step 4 : Design

The final step involved creating high-fidelity prototypes for both the end-users and the company. We implemented the design using the latest tools and technologies to ensure a smooth and user-friendly experience. The prototypes went through several rounds of testing to make sure they met our standards and were ready for launch. With the prototypes ready, the Cuvette team was able to take our designs and bring them to life.

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Sudhanshu Kumar Singh


Our complete website is designed by the @ping studio team. The quality of work delivered by Shubham & Siddharth is really awesome. I loved their professionalism, passion for design & most of all flexibility in discussing ideas with me. I have recommended them to some of our founder friends as well and everyone just loves their work. Kudos to the entire team 🚀